January 20, 2014

Brazilian Dai Macedo wants to prove he is an intelligent woman and not just a nice body

About to turn 26 years old, Dai Macedo , Miss Bottom 2013 is excited to debut on Carnival . She samba school parade by the Royal Dragoons , in São Paulo , and talked about his preparation for the revelry .

How is your preparation for Carnival ?
I will parade through the Royal Dragoons , in São Paulo . This week I have a meeting set to hit the fantasy and see what will come out of school . Still do not know if I will parade on the floor or some float .

I suspect that your fantasy will not be the best behaved . Do you have any restrictions?
I guess I have not been much covered . I have no restrictions . Who like to parade with painted body. Paintings of W. Verissimo are beautiful . I want to use glitter, feathers . I want to raze .

To be with the body in good shape at the Carnival , has initiated a specific workout ?
Was already an intense physical preparation since the competition for the Miss Butt . I do diet and follow up with an endocrinologist . As Carnival is approaching , I want to get a little firmer . Workout everyday of the week . I usually go to the gym , but also put some training outdoors to give a varied . Generally , I do a hour of weight training and another 40 minutes of aerobic exercise . Focus on the whole body . Do not want to be disproportionate . Before , for example , hated and arm workout today , I think pretty cool . Some people think just do exercises for the glutes , but no. Mallet everything. I'm afraid to be disproportionate . In power , prioritize lean meats . Do four to five meals a day and cut out fried foods and sodas .

This year is the debut of the Carnival or already out sometimes ?
It's my debut . I'm well excited . I've always wanted , but never thought that it would fulfill that dream . In Goiás , no parades this size . My Carnival was on TV , but always liked the revelry. In college , he always said " I'm carnival " . Loved wearing brightly colored clothes.

You went to college for what? Intends to continue studying ?
Administration did , but did not get to finish. Stopped before. The artistic career has always been a dream , but did not study for it . Now , this week , I began a course of TV presenter .

And that line of program you would like to submit ?
Would you like a relaxing thing, as Adriane Galisteu and Xuxa . They are my reference by the charisma and dedication . Each has his talent .

You want to follow an artistic career but thinks rolls prejudice to have won the title of Miss Butt ?
Prejudice exists , yes . I have to take lots of pictures in which the focus is on my butt , then rolls trial has someone to think I'm just an ass .