September 15, 2014

Photos of Alexandra Daddario

Actress Alexandra Daddario was all the rage a few months ago made ​​the bold nude for True Detective, one of the television events of 2014. This time, he shot a sex scene with Woody Harrelson for this HBO series, but, he told, in real life has no photos or incriminating videos. About the scandal of intimate photos of dozens of celebrities who were leaked online, the singer, 28, in solidarity with their colleagues through his Twitter account. "Internet is
scary. Thankfully, my personal pictures are just dogs, cats and meals. It only'm naked on TV, "he said. Alexandra Daddario is also known for playing Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson saga and become Heather Miller Texas Chainsaw 3D. More than 100 celebrities, mostly women, those in the list published Sunday by a user of the website 4chan. Since then, the compromising pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Kirsten Dunst, Kate
Upton, among other celebrities, have circulated on the Internet. Representatives indicated that Lawrence Upton and be sued those who have shared the photos that appear naked, while figures Grande and Victoria Justice told the compromising pictures of them are false.