August 18, 2015

Justin Bieber wants to be near Selena Gomez

It seems that however much they insist on saying the opposite, Justin Bieber (Twitter:justinbieber) still head Selena Gomez (Twitter:selenagomez). According to sources, Bieber could be in the new season of The Voice, where Selena will also participate as a mentor.

The reasons for both are interested in participating in the program are somewhat mixed. Selena, meanwhile, wants to promote their music, prove that is a true diva on stage and help anyone who also wants to engage in this world.

But apparently, Justin wants to be present to be close to Selena. The chain has called him to see if he was interested in collaborating in the competition and this is not it a second thought when her ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend, you never know with them) would also be. Many things are done for love right ?.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. One of the nicest and most talked about in recent years couples. And I must say, while the more dizzying. Now, not now; Now, not now. We have crazy head.

They have been allowed to see several times in public places in an attitude that could be considered very mellow and partner, but has not yet been confirmed by any official source about which they have resumed their relationship.

As we told, were the couple of the moment. But then it all went downhill. Justin apparently succumbed to the charms of Kendall Jenner, one of the reasons why Selena broke the relationship. Although one thing and another thing is to break what the Canadian singer feel because you have not finished out of his life altogether.

The truth is that many of his followers are sure that reconciliation will come, as both singers are launched indirect in their songs and never have forgotten. For now, Justin is still interested in Selena and not afraid to show it.