August 18, 2015

Katy Perry is ready for anything: her wild side

How strong. That puts forward Katy Perry (Twitter:katyperry) to life. It seems that the singer wants to squeeze the most of everything that life can offer.

Katy has shown us that it is a great diva. Great artist. Great singer. With great styling. With great charisma. And now with a value that has left us all with his mouth open.

The artist has posted a video on Instagram in which we can see by jumping out a zip line several meters forward. The views are spectacular but it takes a lot of courage to jump around.

And Katy Katy ... oh, whatever he does, he does with glamor and style that you fall back. Hence in both we worship Happy FM. If it is too cuqui !!!! In one of the videos we see it in slow motion, while down the zip line, throwing a kiss at the camera while "I Believe I Can Fly" sounds. It is to eat it right?

Instagram Katy Perry 1

The artist of 30 years has demonstrated his boldness and these videos that life throws anything but fear. The same gives dyed bright pink hair pulled by a zip in the middle of the mountain.

Indirect Taylor Swift Katy Perry concert

The last we heard was that Katy Perry was immersed in his work, preparing a work Christmas dyes. It seems that this year, Katy has been proposed to revolutionize the way we think of Christmas carols and to deceive, we are anxious to see what we have prepared our favorite diva.

But they will not spend their lives working, so, yeah have now found a hole to jump by flying fox, the following may be bungee jumping or parachute. And it is that what we like is that Katy is a box full of surprises.

Instagram Katy Perry 2