August 13, 2015

Paris Hilton is lined as celebrity-DJ

On the eternal question, if fame is worth, Paris Hilton might say yes: it is said, is discussed, it is rumored that it will collect 70,000 eurazos by pricking the night of August 18 in Olivia Valere, Marbella nightclub in which he has been before.

The amazing thing is that Olivia own (which gives its name to legendary nightclub, now run by his children) said that not so candid Paris makes you special price ...

And, do you know how much they charge per session Saturday at Amnesia in Ibiza? Coming Hold on curves: 260,000 pennies anything.

Given that it is NOT DJ, as clarified some real DJ, of those who have studied and practiced, and know music and mixing, and sound, the same as shocked when they see how each fiestecilla with Celebrity blogger celebrity- hire the shift, which has not much idea of ​​that profession nor does he need because his followers care about other things.

Paris Hilton fans vibrate and go crazy with her every Saturday summer in Ibiza and are willing to pay whatever, like last year in Marbella, who paid a hundred euros entries, as published.

We do not know if the audience will be her millionaire boyfriend, Thomas Gross, but that as we continue talking about millions I will finish dizzy and everything, a juggling to make ends meet. Any day I get a DJ, look what I say ...

And it is funny, I do not say no. Or if you do not read what you said the other day in New You: "I asked my dermatologist if you should get botox and said 'I refuse to do it with you ... Your skin is perfect'"