August 10, 2015

Selena Gomez's hair is cut and called fat

 The artist surprised all his followers with a bold new look, something that has not used his fans

The singer and actress, Selena Gomez, has hit a radical makeover. The pretty brunette hair has been cut, one of its hallmarks, and left a short smooth brown hair. Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend said goodbye to her long wavy hair that all his followers were accustomed to seeing and opted for something more comfortable and cool for summer.

Selena Gomez surprised all his followers on Instagram with a new haircut that is not bad. In fact, she seems taller and much sweeter. The look, very youthful, has been applauded by many but others have taken the opportunity to insult calling Selena Gomez fat.

It is true that Selena Gomez has never had starved body, her curves have become more of a very crazy, but it is worthy to receive such insults. Selena Gomez's body is the envy of many girls and, with his angelic face, is one of the most desirable girls of the earth.

Selena Gomez seems determined to change not only look but also of life. Now, I could have definitely ended her relationship with Justin Bieber, the singer will be part of the jury for the next edition of reality show The Voice, which could mean the final leap to success for Selena Gomez.