August 11, 2015

Violetta: Martina Stoessel is looking forward to Violetta Live Tour!

Takes very little for kids to Disney again join Violetta Live Tour and Martina Stoessel is willing to climb again to the stage.We like what we have!

Every day that passes, the moment when the guys in the Disney Channel series back onto the stage of Violetta Live Tour is closer, and I'm sure the fans are going to be able to see them in one of the concerts you are impatient, and which also no.

Although we are far away and can not go to performances, we love to see the photos, and the best moments in public. We are also looking forward to seeing images of the entire cast sharing adventures in recent months in the history of Violetta.

Martina Stoessel, who has been very happy and excited recording his first solo album in Los Angeles, seems not entirely enjoying your vacation, because what she wants is to be back near the Tinistas and climb back on stage to share the magic of each show with them.
This has been demonstrated in recent days in their social networks, and from writing meltyfan not want to miss a single detail.

we wonder what would Martina Stoessel, Diego Dominguez and Jorge Blanco on vacation ... and after having seen enjoying their free time, we are delighted that progress in August and time when Violetta boys climb again approaches the stage.

Since the end Violetta Live Tour in Latin America, all we knew that the end was near ... because, unfortunately, the adventure is coming to an end, although they follow them wherever they go and they support you in all your professional projects, true? For now, do not worry that you live in Europe, because the guys are going to visit several cities and countries in recent months.

On August 19 the protagonists of Violetta load again and the tour resumes in Tallinn (Estonia), and will continue to Warsaw and Krakow (Poland) between 22 and 26 August, then will pass through Romania, Austria, Czech Republic Greece, Ireland, Italy, France, among others, to end on 27 October in Frankfurt (Germany). Martina Stoessel, who is always attentive to his fans on social networks, has made several recent days retuits, photos and videos of concerts ... and even wrote to a Tinistas in the same social network, "Thank you France, soon I ever see! Je t'aime ".

Tini has become in recent days Trending Topic in a lot of countries such as Italy, Poland, France ... its European fans are eager to see her, and she, it seems, after all retuits a concert, he looks forward get on stage again. Now begins the countdown to return Violetta Live Tour ..