September 22, 2015

Taylor Swift showed that it is not as perfect as you thought

Taylor Swift showed that it is not as perfect as Credits thought: Facebook OficialDespués all, the singer gets along very well with todos.Compartir: Related Topics: swiftFamosos taylor

Since Taylor Swift came to light, it has been characterized as a girl super sweet, talented, loving animals and very friendly, just ask your squad of super hot girlfriends.

Another major facts of life is that the dog is man's best friend, and while there have to be a million of these animals in your home, show sympathy for them is synonymous with a good heart. However, it appears that the interpreter Wildest Dreams, is not quite agree with all this "we love dogs."

We knew that Swift's "team cats" but after seeing his latest publication on Instagram, the pop star showed his more unpleasant side when he refused to receive the love of a couple of dogs.

"You're close, you're very close. Respect the space is important, "Taylor tells a small brown dog wants to kiss him.

Then the dog boy disappears and instead we see a Great White Dane with black spots that also tries to give some love to the singer. "You are very close" repeats. "This dog is great, Mom," he says with disgust face.

It seems that Taylor just loves being in the company of their feline serious Meredith and Olivia.

We hope that Calvin Harris also prefer cats over dogs, otherwise their future coexistence could falter because of some furry friends.