September 24, 2015

Why Selena Gomez nude for the cover of his new album?

Earlier last week Selena Gomez was responsible for leaving us all with his mouth open through the cover of his new studio album titled Revival, for which she posed with very little clothing and allowed to see more sensual than ever.

Last Friday the 23 he attended a radio interview on Power 106, for The Cross Show, in which he talked about his new music and his decision to make such a bold and unexpected as he threw cover.

During the past year, Selena gained some kilos, and while she seemed not to care too much, the public was dedicated to launch criticism against for wearing a little fuller than usual. Which she described as something hurtful, even though he was quite happy with her figure.

"This is my moment," Gomez said after the show host asked him for his decision to take off her clothes for this picture. "I give a ca ** jo what people say. I will not let them mess with me. I'll do whatever I want. "

And the truth is that we could not agree more with the attitude of this exchica Disney, as the result of its cover is simply overwhelming, and in the best way possible.