October 19, 2015

Zayn Malik (One Direction) misses Perrie Edwards

When leaving One Direction Zayn, Perrie was his greatest support (one of the few that actually had) and the time spent in the following months we did really understand that they loved. Then came the break, boom! Nobody expected it.

Why Zayn has deleted your photo with Cartlyn? It was Zayn who made that decision, he needed a radical change in his life and understood that Perrie was in the past. The singer Little Mix, after this, collapsed and showed infinite sadness on many occasions. Luckily, it seems to be recovering.
So it is a bad time for Zayn do what you are doing: constantly write to the clear message that the misses and still loving her. Yes it is! Read on for all the details!

As explained by the 'Daily Star', Zayn still loves Perrie, misses and wants to remain the woman of his life. This is happening only a few weeks after Zayn share on Instagram a photograph very affectionate next to the beautiful Carlyn Bryan attitude.

We're hallucinating! Apparently, it was to be with other women when Zayn has realized that the only one who really wants his side is Perrie. What does she think? As I said, the singer is slowly recovering from the blow that meant his break, but obviously has not stopped loving Zayn and its surroundings knows.

Therefore, they also fear what might happen if Zayn is back with her, Perrie fear could fall into his arms again! Zayn Malik presents his Will New Girlfriend?
We do not know what will happen from now but only ask one thing: if you truly become, what we want Zayn have very clear and not break her heart again our beloved Perrie!