April 4, 2014

Sandra Bullock who is?

Sandra Annette Bullock ( Arlington, July 26, 1964 ) is a German - American actress and producer of film and television. Throughout his career he has received numerous awards, including an Oscar for Best Actress, a Golden Globe for best actress in drama and two Awards Screen Actors Guild , one for Best Actress and one for Best Ensemble .

The action film Hangmen marked his debut in the year 1987.5 The first major interpretation was made ​​in Speed ​​(1994 ) film which began to acquire popularity . In the following years he has participated in films like While You Were Sleeping (1995 ), A Time to Kill ( 1996 ), Miss Congeniality ( 2000), the winning film Oscar for best film Crash ( 2005) , The Proposal ( 2009) or drama the Blind Side ( 2009) , for which he received an Oscar , Golden Globe , the SAG Award and the Critics Award . After receiving Academy Award include interventions to The Heat ( 2013) and Gravity (2013 ) .

In 2010 became the first actress to win the Oscar for best actress by the aforementioned The Blind Side , and the Razzie for worst actress for All About Steve (2009 ) - in the same year . It was also named by Forbes magazine as the most profitable player in 2009 and as the highest paid actress of the period, with earnings estimated at $ 56 million , becoming the highest paid actress in history according to the Guinness Book records.
In 2010 she divorced Jesse James after infidelity became public with this model Michelle McGee , being one of the most scandalous and publicized divorces that year . Meanwhile, the actress announced its adoption of an African baby named Louis Bardo Bullock was born in New Orleans, Louisiana , through a report in People magazine in April 2010.
In 2012 was considered by Forbes magazine as one of the celebrities who most trust generated in the American viewer, the publication claimed that all people on the list were on it " because they have managed to stay in the spotlight for decades without giving game to gossip magazines ."

Sandra Bullock was born on July 26, 1964 in Arlington , Virginia , United States. Along with his parents, John Bullock (born 1925) , specializing in vocal direction, and Helga Meyer ( b. 1942 - 2000), opera singer of German nationality. Gesine Bullock and her sister spent their childhood in Germany , occasionally appearing as part of the choir in performances wearing out his mother. He lived in the German city of Nuremberg until age twelve , plus short-term residence in Salzburg and Vienna , Austria. Thus speaks German fluently and has dual citizenship , American - by place of birth - and - by his mother German . Studied ballet when she was small and plays the piano since he was eight years old .

At school he suffered harassment from his colleagues that the target of his jokes made ​​for wearing clothes bought in Europe and having little chest. During the time the institute excelled as a gymnast and was part of the cheerleading squad . In his native directed his steps into the world of acting, enrolling at the University of North Carolina , which went from 1982 to 1986 to study acting , leaving his initial intention to pursue music . He later moved to New York City , where he worked as a waitress while she went to auditions to find work as an actress.