April 4, 2014

Selena Gomez who is?

Selena Marie Gomez ( Grand Prairie, Texas , United States , July 22, 1992 ) is an American actress , singer , fashion designer , executive producer , philanthropist and musician. He began his acting career at the age of seven , with the recurring role of Gianna on Barney & Friends children's series . Participated in it until 2004 , when he was forced to withdraw from the cast . After that, I made ​​small appearances in movies and TV series like Spy Kids 3- D : Game Over (2003 ) , Walker , Texas Ranger : Trial by Fire ( 2005) and Brain Zapped (2006 ) . From 2006, he appeared in various television series such as Disney Channel The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana. He also filmed some spin -off channel not issued .

Finally, in 2007 , starred in Wizards of Waverly Place series, which awarded several prizes . The program was well received and won three Emmy Award for best children's program . Wizards of Waverly Place ended in January 2012 and its last episode had 9.8 million viewers , the largest amount received by any final episode of the channel. During the filming of the show , she starred in movies like Another Cinderella Story (2008 ) Princess Protection Program ( 2009) Wizards of Waverly Place : The Movie , which counted with good reception . In 2008, also made his debut as a voice actor in the animated film Dr. Seuss ' Horton Hears a Who! . Simultaneously, the same year he signed a recording contract with Hollywood Records and participated in numerous soundtracks as DisneyMania 6, Tinker Bell and Another Cinderella Story .

In 2009 , he formed a band called Selena Gomez & The Scene , and in September of that year he released his first studio album, Kiss & Tell. It is told with great critical and commercial reception ; reached the top 10 in countries such as Austria, Spain , the United States and Poland. Because their sales certifications received silver and gold disc by the BPI , CRIA and RIAA.23 24 25 In this two singles came off , " Falling Down " and " Naturally ." The success of the last of these made ​​him one of the best selling band , and received multi-platinum in Canada and the United States. The label released his second studio album , A Year Without Rain , on 21 September 2010.26 Like the above, entered the Top 10 in various lists and received certifications in other countries like Brazil and Poland. His single, " Round & Round " and " A Year Without Rain " counted with moderate reception. When the Sun Goes Down , published in June 2011 , was internationally best reception since it reached the top ten in more than seven countries and received certifications in several of these . Of its three singles, " Who Says " and " Love You Like a Love Song " had the best reception. In February 2012 , Gomez announced that the band would separate . By May 2013 , Selena Gomez & The Scene had sold over ten million singles in the United States alone .
In 2010 he starred in his first major movie film , Ramona and Beezus , and later in 2011 , Monte Carlo. In 2012 , he lent his voice to the main character in Hotel Transylvania. In 2013 she starred in more mature projects like Spring Breakers and Getaway. That same year, he released his first solo studio album , Stars Dance. This reached number one on the charts in countries such as Canada, the United States and Norway and reached the top 10 in over a dozen territories. His first single, " Come & Get It ", reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100 , making him in his first top 10 in the count .

Thanks to the good reception he received certificates in countries like Australia , Canada , the United States , Norway and New Zealand. To promote the album around the world , began his tour Stars Dance Tour. A part of his career as an artist , Gomez also devoted to philanthropy , and in 2009 became UNICEF 's youngest ambassador ever. He has launched his own clothing line called Dream Out Loud and a perfume of the same name .
Selena Marie Gomez born on July 22, 1992 in Grand Prairie, Texas, in the United States. It was the first daughter of Mexican Ricardo Joel Gomez and former stage actress Mandy Teefey of Italian descent - Cornett - born , who gave birth to Gomez at the age of sixteen . Gomez was named because of the Texan singer Selena Quintanilla , who his parents were fans. Gomez said that "as I got older and could understand why I was called for it so I went to visit his grave and haunts ." His parents separated when he was five , and since then his mother alone kid. Gomez revealed that initially blamed his mother for a divorce , because " I wanted a family too ." Also, said : "I wanted to get my parents together. I just remember being mad at my mom. I still feel bad about that. " In response, his mother explained that , " she vented and yelled at me and all I could do was say" sorry , but you will understand one day . '" Finally, Gomez admitted that : " Having me at sixteen had to have been a big responsibility. My mom did everything for me and had like three jobs. She supported me , sacrificed her life for me. " His childhood was humble , as his family had little money .