February 3, 2015

Fabi Martinez was the successor of Larissa Riquelme in the World Cup 2014

During the World Cup in Brazil have had several girlfriends, but Fabi Martinez has remained as the most beautiful todasdebido to its natural charm.
Fabiola Martínez was the blue and white and celebrated the triumph of the Argentina team against Belgium by 1-0, and in the semifinal.

The beautiful Paraguayan is the successor of Larissa Riquelme in this World Cup which was played in Brazil, and in addition to wear the shirts of various selections of southern Africa, conducted a sensual production of photos for the magazine Blow, which shows its stunning body.

"Fabi" Martinez

With her lush curves, Fabi has nothing to envy to Larissa, the nicknamed "Bride of the World" in 2010 in South Africa.
The sexy pump 21 is American Champion Fitness and ensures that loves to be naked in your house. "You'll think I'm conceited, but not only pleases me to be so," Fabi said.
Fabiola Martinez

The Paraguayan Fabi Martinez has attracted attention worldwide because of its physical beauty, the model also has worn the dress (her style) several selections because Paraguay was left out of the World Cup.
Larissa Riquelme