April 1, 2015

Violetta: "I do not want to follow the path of Miley Cyrus"

Martina Stoessel, the young star of Argentine pop, distanced himself from the scandalous singer said his road is on the other side.

Martina Stoessel, the girl who gives life to the pop "Violetta" star spoke about his career comparisons with Miley Cyrus and warned that his goal is far from scandals.

"Everyone does what he wants with his life. Just say I'll do something different and not follow that path," said the girl Violetta, and referred to the similarities between the series that bears his name and "Hanna Montana" novel Cyrus to star in the Disney factory.
"Violetta and Hanna are two big hits, messages conveyed through music, and both of Disney. Indeed, I was a fan of 'Hannah Montana' and I wish the best for her."

On the other hand, "Tini" tried to find an explanation for global success: "The world lacks love and Violetta gives love to people, especially children.".