April 4, 2015

What will not One Direction Zayn Malik?

Former member of One Direction

Following the news that One Direction Zayn Malik left, the singer has become one of the most sought networks and internet, fans continue to seek answers to his imminent departure after five years of success with the young band that created Simon Cowell. Through a statement, Malik said, "I want to be a normal person of 22 years, able to relax and have some private time without being the focus of attention."

Now we wonder what Malik likes to do in their daily lives? Here 10 things you probably did not know about this heartbreaker.

Riding a skateboard
To Draw
Read comic books
Being with her three sisters
Listen rap and R & B
See Manchester United play
Spending time with his fiancée Perry Edwards
Work your abdomen
Play with your pets, an iguana, a cat and two dogs

Zayn hope not disappear for a long time and then please his millions of fans around the world. #SuerteZaynMalik