June 10, 2015

Miley Cyrus is bisexual at age 14

The singer has confided about home revealed that he liked boys and girls, and what was the reaction of his parents

The summer edition of the magazine Paper brings much more than a striking cover with Miley naked and clutching a pig Cyrus. The interesting thing is inside, because the artist has given an interview in which has been confided on such controversial issues as his bisexuality. Miley, who held dozens of headlines by revealing a few weeks you also like women do, has it explained how with only 14 years told his mother what his sexual orientation.

Miley's words come very strongly to contextualize family situation at the time of making the disclosure. Even as a child idol Hannah Montana and a very religious family environment, the singer felt the need to express feelings to his mother as a child still housed. "I remember telling my mother I admired women in a different way She asked me what I meant, and I said. 'I like and I like boys.' Cyrus has reported.

"It was very hard to understand. I did not want to judge me and not to go to hell. But my mother believed in me more than in any god. I asked him to take me and he did," says the singer Paper sincere way. The truth is that Miley Cyrus has always shown a casual attitude in the romance, and has given like being photographed kissing boys or girls.

As a world leader that is for the young, the interpreter Wrecking Ball wants to spread the message of acceptance and equality regardless of sexual tastes of each. That is why it is so given to explain so openly as it has done in the cited publication. "I'm literally open to any option that is allowed and that has nothing to do either with animals or with minors Anything legal , I feel good. (...) I do not care to be a boy or a girl. "

Miley Cyrus is an active advocate of LGBT and whenever possible use their social networks to support the causes that are fighting for their social acceptance. Although he had an affair with Patrick Schwarzenegger apparently did not end well, the latest rumors pointed to a flirtation with the daughter of Lenny Kravitz, the artist also Zoe Kravitz.