June 10, 2015

The problem he had to overcome Ed Sheeran to become a pop star

What many do not know is that Ed Sheeran, before the pop star he is today, he had serious problems to be a singer: he was a stutterer. How did you come to pursue music having this problem? Often, vocation knows no bounds.

As reported by the website E! News, the English artist was in a special event on stuttering and said he was able to overcome his problem by Eminem. Yes, it was thanks to the rapper because it became such a fan of him than his iconic album The Marshall Mathers LP was stored, and thus, the rapping fast, his stuttering disappeared.

This was explained:.. "My uncle Jim told my father that Eminem was the next Bob Dylan is very similar, it's all about telling the stories So my father brought me the LP The Marshall Mathers when he was nine years old without knowing what was in it. I learned every word, from back to front, when I was ten. He raps fast and melodically and percussion and that helped me get rid of my stuttering. "

He added, speaking and the audience with optimism: "Stuttering is not something you have to worry even if you have quirks and oddities, you should not worry about that Make the treatment you want, but never see it as a.. difficult situation in your life. Continue going forward. "