June 10, 2015

The vegan diet of Beyoncé

"I'm not naturally thinner woman. I have curves, I'm proud of my curves. From an early age I have struggled with diets." With these statements, singer Beyonce advocated in the program "Good Morning America" ​​the benefits of their new vegan diet.

The singer was delighted with her plan 22-Day Diet Revolution (revolutionary diet of 22 days), because he says finally found lasting results. In addition to losing weight, she says, "I really feel my skin tight, much harder than when I was deprived of food and regained weight fast".

However, your ad had an unexpected effect and the singer was widely criticized by angry fans. And qeu Beyonce announced she would give important news. "This is something I have to share with everyone," said the 'teaser' program.

Their fans expected a new album or a new pregnancy (the singer is a girl). So his fans do not seem enough a simple diet. "So Beyoncé has awakened us all just to tell us that he has lost weight?" He criticized a surfer.