August 10, 2015

Anna Kendrick, the girl that everyone wants

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO - Anna Kendrick is a girl not to take his eyes off her. He got talent on stage, poise to embody their characters and a nose for each project where he is involved. Charming smile, angelic look and enviable figure ... To all this we must add the spectacular emergence living his career.

Kendrick went to join the cast of "Twilight" in a secondary role to shine. Just a few weeks ago graced the awards MTV Movie Awards (one of the most influential of American pop culture), and now takes over the screen with not one, but two films.

The first is "more perfect notes" feature with a strong commercial tone in its story that combines music with comedy and recently won the box office in the United States. The other is "Voices," a black comedy that co-stars with Ryan Reynolds, independent production and that after a long wait coming into our country.

With this, it is best to get used to his face, as the best in the career of Anna just beginning.

Down to earth

Kendrick is originally from Portland (United States), born in a middle class family. Since childhood he knew his place was on camera, so very young left the nest to embark on an adventure that brought her to Los Angeles.

His first success was achieved when he was 13 years old, with the Broadway musical "High Society," with which it was nominated for Best Actress in Tony (the equivalent of the Oscar, but the theater).

His film debut was in 2003 in the musical comedy "Camp," for which she was nominated as Best Supporting Actress in Chlotrudis and Best Independent Spirit revelation. Five years later, the actress took part in the cast of "Twilight" with the role of "Jessica".

It was not until 2009, when the actress accompanied the actors George Clooney and Vera Farmiga in the film "Up in the Air" embodying "Natalie Keener," which some have been released after captured the eyes of the critics. His work in this film earned him nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress. Besides his participation in the film, it has an enormous talent for singing, which has led her to participate in musical productions: "In the Forest" (2014), the "last five years" (2014) and "More perfect notes "(2015).

Not for weak minds

To refresh the display reaches the ideal choice for movie lovers of black humor option, but very black, with the film "Voices", which makes Anna Kendrick teamed with Canadian Ryan Reynolds and Gemma Arterton.

In "Voices" Kendrick brings to life the sweet "Lisa", an innocent girl who will live moments ranging from romance to horror, literally; and that meet "Jerry" Reynolds, played by a young mysterious, lonely, who experiences hallucinations; and that "Jerry" lives with his dog "Bosco" and his cat "Mr. Whiskers "are speaking ... Yes! They are a kind of angel and devil in his day.

The film is a production of 2014 masterfully addressing psychological terror, but from the perspective of comedy, presenting a film that tackles the life of "Jerry" and how his demons affect each of their relationships, from professional with its psychologist to his romances.

The film was directed by Marjane Satrapi and written by Michael R. Perry. Its release worldwide, was in the Sundance Film Festival 2014, January 19, 2014, to be specific, getting positive reviews.


Showered him projects

• "The Hollars" (2015), completed tape.

• "Mr. Law "(2015) post-production.

• "Get a Job" (2015), completed tape.

• "Table 19" (2016) post-production.

• "Counter" (2016) in production.

• "Mike and Dave need dates Wedding" (2016), currently filming.

• "Trolls" (2016) pre-production. Anna lend his voice to the Princess Poppy.

• "Pitch Perfect 3" (2017), a film that has just been announced.