August 12, 2015

Beyonce and Jay Z and living completely separate lives

Beyoncé living separately from JAY Z. Discover all the details of more than possible divorce.

We know, it is the old song: Beyonce and Jay Z and living separately and are getting a divorce at all. What makes this may be more credible than the other? That they have nothing to lose and much to promote.

Remember that Jay Z is looking how to sell TIDAL, the streaming service trying to sell more millionaires and poor starving musicians. Come on, that both support and no longer knows how to get out.

But let's get to the interesting part: no announcement of divorce or "temporary cessation of cohabitation", Beyonce and Jay Z were seen separately in a few places, no wedding rings and it points to is the beginning of the end. All rumors of pregnancy could refer to an attempt to revive what they had together, and learning that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are already the richest couple in the music dismantles them the only argument they had to stay together: be royalty US.

Beyoncé could live a second youth maiden with a girl and classic disco on the break we always expect of any self-respecting pop star. Will this be the final time?