August 12, 2015

Ed Sheeran an enormous lion tattooed on his chest

Ed Sheeran has added a new body design to his long list of tattoos. The British singer has recorded on the skin of his chest a big lion, as written, it is still unfinished. The artist has hung a photo of the work in his Instagram account, a publication that has quickly filled with amazement comments.

Despite being a great lover of animals and have expressed their outrage over the recent death of Cecil Lion, the new tattoo Ed Sheeran has nothing to do with this. The artist tattooed a huge lion in the center of the chest as a tribute to Wembley Stadium for England, a place that sold out for several consecutive nights and which offered one of the most special shows of his career.

The artist said a few days ago in an interview for BBC that he planned to get a tattoo to commemorate this special moment. "Originally the plan was to draw me to the stadium, but I thought it was ridiculous," said the Briton, who instead chose the animal finally representing the English-based team at the stadium.

The singer has shared the photo of your new tattoo, still unfinished, through Instagram. The play is the work of Kevin Paul, tattooist friend Sheeran and responsible for some of the drawings that the artist has recorded in their skin.