August 20, 2015

How is the relationship of Kendall Jenner and Nick Jonas?

"Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner are coming, but it's nothing serious, and that Nick just ended a relationship and not looking for anything serious for now," said the source.

"Right now he is focused on his career. He enjoys hanging out with Kendall when both are in the same city, and it is good because they have the same group of friends and family in common, "he said.

Nick had a courtship with Olivia blame for two years, but ended almost three months ago. The split was amicable and Disney exestrella told E! News only wished him happiness to his ex-girlfriend.

"I wish him well in the future. We had two wonderful years, "Jonas said.

As Nick has little single time, the source said that Kendall and Nick is still somewhat relaxed.

Could it become serious? We wish so.

Nick also told E! News in late June he was going to put her musical career to a relationship. "I do not know, is very soon," said the singer.

"I am focused on my job and that to me is the priority now," he continued.

Kendall is doing the same. Work on a new line of shoes with her sister Kylie Jenner and has become the image of many beauty campaigns. When not traveling the world with her modeling career, enjoy free time to celebrate with his family, as with Kylie's birthday in Mexico.

Although clearly these two moments are only thinking about work, if Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas made it, only time will tell what will happen to Nick and Kendall.