August 20, 2015

Martina Stoessel confesses to Alejandro Fantino: "One does not need to achieve success to be happy"

In an interview in animals loose, she talked about her career and explained what are the priorities in your life.

Martina Stoessel had a "hand in hand" with Alejandro Fantino in the Animals loose cycle. In a study full of fans, the protagonist of Violetta said he always gives priority to their happiness more than money or fame.

During the talk, Tini said why he decided to devote himself to show business.. "I do not know if I prepared, I just did it because I was happy I was not going to sing because I wanted to be a star, it was because I liked singing was going to dance because I loved to dance. This is not only of success. There are people trying to reach his whole life ... to be a famous singer. One is because he wants to be famous and known. One sometimes forgets that really what She makes her happy is for me to be singing and dancing in a bar, at home, teaching tango ... One does not need to achieve success to be happy. "

In addition, he confessed that making money is not his priority... "I forget silver, whether I win or I do not win I do not ask almost anything to my dad about these things I have no idea I get on to do a show and not think 'I take so much money.' I do not do shows because it's a job, I do because every day I learn on stage. There will be people who think he is lying, it is believed thousand. I speak from the bottom of my heart and reality is that. "

Peter's girlfriend also Lanzani acknowledged that his work takes a lot of sacrifice and has negative aspects. "When you do what you love forget that it is a job does not mean you have no responsibilities, you have to not wake the 7am to go to work, you do not have pressure, grain they see you ... Obviously that work has its pros and cons, but one has to leave those things aside and think that really is something that always I dreamed ".

Moreover, he referred to what it meant success of Violetta fiction in his life: "He was part of my childhood and to a boy is the most important part of growing up because my parents told me they would have more time greater than young, boy. Because it's when you hit the wall, think and when you know the world is off. I did all that with Violetta ". But he acknowledged that he needed to bring closure to this stage and for this reason he is making the final farewell tour of different countries.

Finally, he spoke about the importance of having a good relationship with their loved ones. "The most important thing is not success, but in the family I swear that if tomorrow to me people for X reason does not want me Moreover, I have my friends and my family are going to want me for life, I'm quiet. "