August 19, 2015

Katy Perry announces opening act and there are only a thousand tickets for his show

The Tinashe singer Perry presented before the concert on October 6 in the Athletic Track.

Last year the Lorde singer was chosen to do the "curated" from the soundtrack of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, and expectations were high: the young New Zealand could not only give you the sound to one of the most popular films of the year but to show some of their similar musical interests.

So if the music of the film Jennifer Lawrence was to single yellow flicker beat, just Lorde, and songs of bands like Chvrches hot or soloists of the moment, as Charli XCX or Ariana Grande, also included the topic The leap of Tinashe, model, singer and who between 2007 and 2010 led the band The Stunners and in 2014 released his first solo album, Aquarius. So, Tinashe has been blessed by a favorite of pop today, and now comes to Chile escorting another super name scenarios: Katy Perry.

Roar singer confirmed Tinashe as his opening act for the concert will on 6 October in the Athletic Track of the National Stadium, and also for other stops of his Prismatic World Tour, like Bogota or Buenos Aires.

This world tour Katy Perry has become the most successful of his career, and is partly responsible for the singer is one of the most profitable artists as ranked by Forbes; after leading in profits in North America in 2015, Perry jumped to the world, where according to the publication has become the biggest pop export from the United States, because today 60% of its revenues-estimated at US $ 135 million between June 2014-June 2015 from abroad.

Tickets to see Katy Perry, one of the most anticipated concerts of the crowded spring season, are nearly exhausted.

According to the producer in charge, DG Media are just thousand localities that are for sale. Tickets, ranging from $ 33,350 to $ 207,000 (including service charges), are in the Puntoticket system and outlets shops Paris.