August 19, 2015

Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris makes Twitter on your battlefield

Zayn Malik has starred in another controversy on Twitter, this time have been questioned Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. The former member of the boy band One Direction shared a tweet offemaletext account in which the singers Miley Cyrus and Swift was compared. The DJ Calvin Harris, boyfriend latter became angry and said to Malik: "If you do not understand that a successful artist use his fame to benefit other musicians ...

While the kids like you go to the Teen Choice Awards, there a poor man in a basement that is writing songs for you ... what I mean is do not talk about what you do not know, "he snapped to defend his girlfriend.

Tweet shared by Malik says that Miley Cyrus was more concerned about helping people through his foundation; while Swift is focused only on making money with their music. Taylor Swift withdrew all his compositions Spotify because the platform offered free one-month subscription to its users. "I suggest you calm down before you drop the teeth" Malik replied Harris, who added: "By the way, I write my own shit".

The followers of former directioner are eager to hear his first solo album, which announced a few weeks ago. But the singer, not content with his success, has criticized several people around, not only Tylor Swift. His former band was also the subject of their snide comments on Twitter when he said he undertook his solo career "to make real music." Or with his former teammate Louis Tomilson, with whom they exchanged accusations by the taunts did Malik of One Direction.

If the crossfire off, Tomilson has also intervened in the Malik-Swift-Harris fight re-tweeting one of the tweets of Scottish DJ and positioning itself in this way against the One Direction singer.