August 26, 2015

Kim Kardashian Instagram dethrones Beyoncé

California socialite Kim Kardashian showed its convening power as a mass phenomenon, to establish itself as the new queen of Instagram, to add and 44.1 million fans and followers surpass 100,000 by the former monarch of that network, singer Texas Beyoncé.

A coup for his tireless selfies clicks, the wife of rapper Kanye West snatched the throne yesterday the couple also the music impresario Jay Z.

According to the web, Kardashian (44.1 million followers) exceeds narrowly Beyoncé (43.9 million followers). The change occurred in the early hours of Sunday to Monday.
In its current profile while Kardashian shared photos in a concert of her husband, Beyonce published pictures of your vacation.

In the last week, the star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, won 994 000 778 followers. Mintras Beyoncé got only 733 thousand 800 new fans in the last seven days.

In the list of the most followed Instagram placed fourth Taylor Swift (43.4 million), in the fifth Selena Gomez (41.7 million) and sixth Ariana Grande (41.6 million).

Behind, and below the 40 million followers include Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, followed by its sister Kylie and singer Nicki Minaj, who closes the Top 10 of the most followed in the social network.