August 26, 2015

Rita Ora announces collaboration with Ed Sheeran for her new album

Rita Ora is working very hard on their second studio album which will launch worldwide later this year, if no further changes or delays. In a recent interview with Rap-Up website, the singer reveals some of the surprises we have prepared for this work as a song written by Ed Sheeran, one of the most successful artists of the moment Did they sing a duet? He also spoke of his subject with Chris Brown, Body On Me, and more!

Finally, Rita Ora is enjoying international success is providing its latest single, Body On Me, singing a duet with Rihanna's former boyfriend. Thanks to this torrid hit the world is increasingly interested in the new album from this singer of ethnic Albanian origin, which hit stores in a few months. Until then the skin will be left with the same promo.

According to statements by Rap-Up Rita to his second album will consist of topics of different styles, from punk to r'n'b, who has worked in a large number of people and artists among which is his friend Ed Sheeran, he composed a love song to the cause call Us:

"I'm so close to this work as if it were my first album" "I have not necessarily launched a unique style before," he said. "Really present the music I like as if it were a fan of the music from my love of punk to hip-hop, R'n'B or soul. I like many kinds of music. "

"I was sure that this album does not have a single meaning," he added. "This is to express my sexuality, my independence as a woman, to be really honest with my past and work only with a selected group of people handpicked ... One of those people is Ed Sheeran, who wrote one of my favorite songs, Us. "" For me, it is one of the sweetest love songs, touching, amazing that I've heard, and something that makes me think, 'Thank God someone wrote this in a song.'

Here you have the complete interview in which you will see Rita with a new makeover.

Will a future hit ?, will be encouraged to sing a duet Rita and Ed? Looking good has to do with what we are surprised in a few months ... In this interview he also talked about his current hit, Body On Me, and his work with Chris Brown in the video of the song, which is full of little rise tone images, leaving Clearly, the relationship is only labor: "It's definitely the most intimate video I've done so far," he told Rap-Up. "It's fun working with Chris and be friends with someone and work with it, takes the pressure off, so it was much easier to burn. We were doing our work, we were playing a role, a concept in our acting roles was created, "he said.