September 7, 2015

A hockey player, is the latest conquest of Ed Sheeran?

The singer has enjoyed US company Cherry Seaborn, an old classmate.

Ed Sheeran has been seen on a couple of occasions with a blonde walk through the streets of New York. Many have speculated that the alleged affair that kept the singer in the former Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, came to an end, so the redhead has sought refuge in the arms of an old classmate, Cherry Seaborn.

The singer and Seaborn were seen leaving a hotel in New York, and then again during a game between the Philadelphia Phillis against the New York Mets. Sheeran Seaborn and perhaps only be a couple of friends who have resumed contact, since they studied together in high school Thomas Mills in Framlingham, Suffolk.

According to reports from "Mirror", in July, Sheeran began to follow the girl through Twitter, and sent a public message almost in secret code.

Seaborn is a skillful player of Hockey in Durham University, where he graduated last year. He moved to the United States after being accepted by Duke University, and joined the hockey team from the school.

According to British newspaper, both have been very comfortable together, although she displayed in his profile picture a photograph looking rapt another man.