October 2, 2015

Review: Rihanna's show in Chile

Rihanna gave a great concert these days own domain of pop. A quick show devoid of vertebra, flashing sum incoherently.

FourFiveSeconds sings, that single that advances their eighth album where he accompanies Kanye West and Paul McCartney in that order, and light loose a doodle surprised that this stage at the end of the world, the place where he had never been said unnecessarily as a moment of the night, a song coree signed nine hands usual mechanical in his career.
Rihanna continues to sing and is very likely that a good part of the National, mostly female and adolescent not have much idea who McCartney.

By now, the cut number twenty of his debut in Chile, the super Barbados-born pop star, had the audience in his pocket without much effort. Because that is a detail in Rihanna: everything in it seems to flow naturally, the incredible beauty, their movements, handling a voice not much but dominated with uniqueness through a nasal accent, the few dance steps that evening in later adds with a choreographic whole.

His show Tuesday will be enrolled in a limbo of his biography because it takes a couple of seasons without tour, but is always in the foreground because if you're not selling records and presentations, offering clothing, perfumes, fleeting romances, whatever, all with his name. So no big screen in the background, but just a giant white curtain as an unpainted canvas, and the play of light are more functional rather than members of a larger story, a script, a concept. Rihanna has just stopped singing his dozens of hits, sometimes compressed versions that exceed the minute -Umbrella just lucky it lasted 90 seconds, as if it were a grill songs sorted by the programmer of a youth music station shrill and disco, for a weekend night.

Topics often start with a kind of fanfare issued from a synthesizer, adorned with furious blows of percussion; then spliced ​​a quick chorus where mostly Rihanna describes an intense love and suffering (a story that always seems to have different angles from their stormy romance with aspiring failed King of Pop, Chris Brown) and a catchy chorus well done. There was no costume changes, the stage was much more modest than advertised-no great gateway to zoom even further public-, not an encore.

For one type of audience that attends to capture more concerned selfies and mediocre shooting videos with mobile devices concerts, dance and watch it with their own eyes what is happening to the front -the first ten minutes were a sea of lights of ons appliances Rihanna gave a great concert these days own domain of pop. A quick show devoid of vertebra, flashing sum incoherently. Only intended to distract for a while and soon fade as the foam that fell through the walls of the stage while singing Diamonds, comely but without any consistency.