September 17, 2015

Beyoncé: Why does it take so long without giving interviews?

No dialogues with the media, hardly anyone does not follow social media projects and works silently.

Within hours, Naughty Boy will release their new single, "Runnin 'with Arrow Benjamin and Beyoncé. The singer wears a countdown on your Twitter account to generate more excitement. You are giving good results.

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But one of the things that stands out is that the participation of Beyoncé recently met a few weeks ago. This (and surprising) silently act is the way in which the singer now manages his image. When he released his latest album, for example, no one knew who had been preparing. The news was a bombshell.

Beyoncé decides to say and strategy suits him. But what is it that tells us and what it hides. Since 2013, the artist has not given interviews. Moreover, she is the cover of the most important edition of "Vogue" in this year and the internal memorandum is not an interview, but a compilation of data. Until the US first lady, Michelle Obama will let the publication questioned, but not Beyoncé.

Apparently, Beyoncé wants to achieve what seems impossible: make only talk about their work and not his private life. It is no stranger to the gossip, of course, but does not come out of his mouth or "ah". It is believed that one reason for this silence has to do with the incident between her sister and her husband, Jay Z in an elevator after the MET gala last year. Both argued violently and never knew the reason.

In addition, Beyoncé knows what it (with her husband, nearly 100 million dollars). "I realize the power that I have ... I am more powerful than my mind can process and digest," he said once in his last interviews.

So Beyoncé is aware that a sexy picture on your account Instagram is enough to make news. And besides, that she still knows only. Instagram has 45.7 million followers, but the singer does not follow anyone. A like a new artist, for example, would make her career take off.

How long can you keep quiet no one knows, especially now that the divorce rumors are around the entertainment press worldwide. That perhaps is the greatest challenge of his career.