September 17, 2015

Ed Sheeran: his first movie trailer! Will it be released in Mexico? Will exceed that of One Direction?

The singer of 'Thinking out loud' give a tour of his career with 'Jumpers for goalposts'. In melty all information about Ed's first film, it will be distributed globally.

While the charts are currently dominated by female soloists such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, there is someone who has kept his ground and keep their own records.

Ed Sheeran is the singer who has conquered millions with versatility that show songs like 'Do not' and of course the more they heard, 'Thinking Out Loud also noteworthy for being a talented singer in her shows live does not have a band or dancers to supplement, but with one voice, guitar or piano up to the audience. In melty have a great news for fans is that much like One Direction and 'This is us' (2013), Ed released the weekend of October 22 his first film. Here you can see the trailer of 'Jumpers for goalposts'.

The film will leave to see the funny side innermost seen-it-and singer, will be screened worldwide in selected cinemas. Through the official website of Ed countries where the film will be screened will be reported. As a gift of consolation to those fans who can not see the movie in the only days will be screened (22-25 October), there will be a livestream where Ed and some of his friends will parade on the red carpet at the premiere of the film, besides the singer perform live during the event.

Some cinemas screened around the world on October 22, the red carpet and the film.
Not only the personal lives of Ed and his day will be portrayed in the film, as we will see the most important parts of their concerts, with full totales- conducted in the summer of this year at the famous Wembley Stadium in London.