October 8, 2015

A model Justin Bieber accused of drugging at a party

The Canadian pop star was again embroiled in a scandal: the model Scarlet Bailey (18) reported being drugged at a party hosted by the singer in Melbourne, Australia.

Remember what made Justin Bieber in his visit to Buenos Aires in 2013? The incident in the Ink disk tightening and shock in the morning, which even led to court case and all that ... Well, Justin Bieber and his friends now have new problems for an evening out. And in this case more serious: the New Zealand model Scarlett Bailey reported that, attend a private party hosted by pop-star in Melbourne (Australia), was drugged.

In his Facebook account, the 18-year-old published a post (later removed) in which he claimed that due to an event in a recording studio after suffering a decompensation to cocktails.

According to TMZ, the model reported that someone had put a substance into his glass when he was distracted talking with some friends, because minutes later he felt dizzy and blurred vision, which had to be taken to hospital in Melbourne.

Until the Canadian warned the incident and tried to calm her. "Justin sat down with me and tried to calm myself, as I said: 'Look into my eyes, you're right, breathe,'" he told the model. For its part, the owner of the studio where the meeting was held, Jimi Wyatt said that in the recordings of the security cameras, the model is never let your cup, so believe that the accusation is false.