October 8, 2015

Jessica Biel: Justin Timberlake is a wonderful partner

The beautiful Jessica Biel is very grateful to her husband Justin Timberlake being so understanding and support both its work, including its new series of online videos of sex education for women, clips that illustrate topics such as puberty or contraceptives.

"It supports everything I do and why I think it's a wonderful couple. And one should be able to be able to talk, laugh and learn together," said the actress of 33 years 'Good Morning America'.

The series of videos of Jessica and her friend Saundra Pelletier, founder of the non-profit organization Global WomanCare, starts this week on the website Funny or Die, Jessica He thinks the best platform to reach as many people as possible.

"This is the way we want to talk about this subject, we want to share this with everyone. Because what we want out of the shadows. We do not want reproductive health problems of women hide under the stigma or taboo . And what better way to get it all profiles. Can we please laugh at all these crazy things that happen to us? "he said.

Jessica had said that one of the reasons which had led to decide to work in the video series was to realize that before you become pregnant did not know what would happen to your body.

"I thought, now what happens? I've been on the pill for a long time, how difficult will get pregnant? I suddenly realized I did not really know what was going on inside my body. It was shocking," telling Glamour magazine.