October 8, 2015

¿Justin Bieber One Direction mocked in snapchat?

The Canadian posted a video where he apparently sent a message to the group sarcastically

the group One Direction and Canadian Justin Bieber, two musical phenomena are teenagers now, both have a large number of followers who defend to the death your favorite!

In recent days it was announced that Bieber and British band will release its new record material the same day (November 13) which has sparked a number of rumors, fights and arguments between the two fandoms.

It seems that all the fuss reached the ears of Justin, who shared a video where it says snapchat (mockingly):

"The face you wear when you go out with a new album on the same day that Justin Bieber" where you can see Bieber making a face simulating fear.

Does One Direction respond to this? ¿Bieber have some other intention? Who should be afraid of whom? Only sales results will tell us.