October 19, 2015

Katy Perry in Costa Rica: a remix of pop and pastel

Katy Perry came not to be uncomfortable or to trigger deep conversations about social ills. Unlike other current pop divas, mixing artistic expressions with some sort of activism, Katy Perry exists only to satisfy the millennial end of entertainment: to make people happy and make her forget the world for just under two hours.

The artist, capable of filling the first Coca-Cola Amphitheater Viva Park in La Guácima, put all the bodies to spin and every throat singing during Sunday night in the final concert of their third extensive world tour, the prismatic world tour in promotion of his hit album Prism (2014).

At 9 p. m., with an hour late and the folk song Roar as a starting point, Perry and his band boasted a espectáctulo that is made just for the audience sits on another planet, or at least at one time, with pyramids and horses and extravagant costumes, mixed with some key issues of Anglo pop of the last decade.

Lifting the universe last night in Alajuela palpable fiction was not only the eyes but also ears: it was clear that the protagonist of the scene was not singing all his lines and he was leaning on a music track with the aim of it all sound perfect.

Colorful sound. Perry's music has complicated vertex: is intense pop, inflated, no truce with the stillness, where all the songs are explosive, and the case of parts that were not easy. From the turf to front of the stage, the movement is one: taffy pop as body fuel.

New trends in pop are denoted on issues such as Dark Horse, that despite the outlandish reaction of the public, there are about a year ago. His successes over stepped, as I Kissed a Girl and Hot N Cold, sound another decade both have different arrangements for this tour.

Like it or not music diva, between screens, characters and choreography a good time pass. There is a section of the show inspired by the musical Cats, type cabaret, and five minutes later there are dozens of cats dancing in the projections: It would not be a boring word for it.

Many of the songs even sounded full, but were trimmed to filter out the best parts. The whole show is like a monumental remix of pop at its finest: a Madonna as Vogue or Gin and Juice Snoop Dogg between songs may sound, can play an altered version of the Dance of sabers Aram Katchaturian.

The star, meanwhile, is as close as it seems on TV or YouTube videos. Photos taken with the public, kissing a woman on the road, makes an intermediate to meet some of the fans in the audience. Katy Perry is a caricature that does everything well and whom nobody can afford to hate.

After Smile International, Perry approached the audience and said: "It's so nice to finally meet people in Costa Rica, because I've never been here. The last people we want to see is the Costa Ricans. You will be the last memory of this tour, so I need a lot of people on stage. " Just like that, he began to call the people who watched more striking, from men in their Super Bowl sharks to girls who shone their eyes from afar.

After that little fellowship with the followers, Perry sang an acoustic intermission. It included more quiet songs of his discography, as By the Grace of God and Unconditionally. During that time, fans were able to rest a little bodies, but the vocal cords were still working hard to follow all its verses.

There was a section of the capacity that is not put to dance with a dance mix that prepared to join the acoustic section with the last part of the concert. Everybody Dance Now CMC Music Factory is added to the list of pop music icons who took part in the celebration of Perry, who sometimes stopped to simulate a concert seems more like a year-end party or Halloween.

There was a failed attempt to sing birthday to the light, who turns 31 next Sunday, but not paid off after she requested them to stop doing that because you do not feel comfortable having an odd number and age. Details like that generated laughter angered some fans but other: it was a nice touch to the artist, and she sent him to hell.

California Gurls and Teenage Dream marked the first end of the show, which did not drop the emotion of the public at any time. After a short leave, Perry returned to a cold interpretation of Firework, after which he left the stage without raising a word. Hour and 45 minute concert they told the audience that after that song would not return to see it, at least not until you return back to this land, if given the opportunity.

Pop early. Pop began his good time of night early on, with US 22 Tanishe, Perry invited to open this and other concerts of the tour.

While their songs were not well known by the public, the ease of modern electronic pop with hints of R & B, made public and will jump will color his repertoire, which lasted about 40 minutes and started at 7 p. m.

Tinashe crooned such tunes as Ecstasy, Vulnerable, Bet and All Hands on Deck, and its share of success Lean On remix of Major Lazer. Unfortunately, the young man just starting peeled because Mexico greeted instead of Costa Rica. No problem: the error is common.