September 17, 2015

Demi Lovato confesses? bisexuality

Sex has always been a recurring theme in the industry although often self-censorship has made artists like Ricky Martin will take decades to confess his homosexuality.

But that is long gone, now it seems that the opposite is cool. Confess a different sexual orientation seems to hetero it takes.

Miley Cyrus says is pansexual, Cara Delevingne, bisexual, Caitlyn Jenner, transsexual and a list of all those who have come out of the closet is increasingly widening.

Well, in this context of sexual freedom Demi Lovato it has jumped on the bandwagon and has not even mentioned the word bisexual, has hinted that he has had relationships with other women.

Everything came following a question asked by Alan Carr in his television program about the homosexual relationship referred to her latest single, Cool of the summer. She was very ambiguous: "I will not confirm anything but I'm not denying it. All my songs are based on personal experiences and not think there's anything wrong with experimentation, at all. "

The truth is that he has never known any relationship with a woman, but quite the opposite. He is deeply in love with Wilmer Valderrama and was, in his day, Joe Jonas.

Still, no catches him away because his grandfather was a brave, in the 60s, confessed his homosexuality.

We had not recovered yet we print your cancellation in Spain when we come to these confessions. It is impossible not to consider a question: proper marketing strategy to the times or an extended reality to the Disney girls?