September 17, 2015

Selena Gomez does not reject back with Justin Bieber

The singer has confessed that "always love" Justin Bieber, at least, as a friend.

Selena Gomez has opened his heart in a candid interview for Elle magazine in its American edition. Along with an incredible photo shoot Selena Gomez talks about how his life is now as it was in the past. Inevitably, talk about Justin Bieber is impossible if you put for tests of his career.

Selena Gomez confessed that "always love Justin Bieber," at least, as a friend, though. The pretty brunette appeared that the Canadian was a very important person in your life, "We grew up together," he said. In addition, it relied on the idea that "we have been together a long time, we really know each other." For that reason, Selena Gomez explains that she and Justin Bieber had been many feelings are still there.

The singer explained that supports Justin Bieber at all and believes it has a lot of talent. Selena Gomez also added that their romance is over because she and Justin Bieber were very young. "We could not get married because we were very young, we could give us more. People expect us to be something else, but We Can" Selena Gomez resigned.

On the other hand, she spoke of subsequent relationships Justin Bieber. "I've gone out with guys. I've been several times with them. I like meeting new people," reveals Selena Gomez, who might have acquired the same idea as your ex and be willing to flirt, yes, it has made clear "nothing of serious relationships. "

Upon returning to in the future Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez does not close the door completely. "No I go back with him. It is not in my mind to find someone now." Finally, the singer believes that, as she supports her ex-boyfriend, he too supports it.