September 23, 2015

Justin Bieber did his back

A few days ago, Jimmy Fallon admitted he is quite angry with Canada because the program was complicated by refusing to perform a skit that had already been agreed. The problem is that short notice.

Justin was earlier this month with "The Tonight Show", which had already arranged things that were going to make that program and not.

Instagram Justin Bieber

Bieber was to promote her single What Do You Mean, but must participate in a fun skit with Jimmy, which made all the guests. One of the things that Fallon is also angered that he warned in his 29.9 million Twitter followers that something special was going to happen.

However, people contacted Justin production that day and reported that the artist had changed his mind and did not want to participate in the sketch.

Therefore, in an interview on tv driver he went to hit him with everything and he did not think a professional attitude. It was based on a lot of people were involved to make this happen and they canceled that day, with little time, ruined the work of many.