September 14, 2015

Lindsay Lohan is proud of her body

Lindsay Lohan believes that self-esteem and kindness are the keys to success.

Actress Lindsay Lohan has agreed to adopt a positive mental attitude based on self-love, so she is determined to ignore the critics to be as happy as possible.

The singer, 29, who has faced various addictions and legal throughout his life problems, hung a picture on Instagram informing your followers of his new philosophy of life with an entry that seemed to address those who criticize his thin Fig.

"I love my waist as it is. Quiérete yourself and be kind and will succeed regardless of everything else. Be strong inside (daily / male or female)," wrote the actress with an image of him in clothes inside and corset.

It seems that the new attitude of Lindsay and his trip around Europe this summer have inspired to undertake his next project: an "educational" book on styling and fashion, leaving aside all previous offers put before it.

"Lindsay has had numerous offers to do a book about the time spent in rehabilitation, his problems with the law, his crazy family or to show the less glamorous side of Hollywood stars. But it has always refused such offers, preferring working on something related to the style, fashion and travel, educational book, "a source revealed to the New York Post.