September 15, 2015

Look at Justin Bieber singing a familiar song when I was 15 years old!

DO NOT MISS THE TENDER VIDEO SEXY singer when she was a teenager ... YOU MELT!

One of the hits of the moment is undoubtedly 'Where Are You Now?', Collaboration between Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Diplo, but just filtering a video where we see the singer of 'Baby' only 15 years of singing the song in a semi-acoustic version which we softened.

The year was 2009 when Justin released a version of the item, which sounded a very different pace and intensity of the current.

The singer said at the time that the subject was addressed to his father, who had grown apart.

"That song is about my father and do not always have it there. But my father and I now have a great relationship. And I'm glad that things how are you will know. I want to sing about things that are happening in my life, and many people may relate to it. "

There is no doubt that young and adult love Justin Bieber.

Listen to the current version of 'Where Are You Now?' Justin Bieber: