September 15, 2015

Ed Sheeran homeownership 9 million pounds in London

Ed Sheeran, whose personal fortune of around 35 million pounds (48 million euros), will now have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the elite of the British capital London after buying an old factory converted into a four bedroom house valued at 9 million pounds (12 million euros).

"Ed has had to pay a lot for the house, but worth it. It will neighbor very important industry people, including celebrities and sports stars, which shows how far he has come. It will be a great for parties site but also have a workplace, "a source told The Sun.

Among the opponents he Ed, 24, has had to overcome when done with the property, which has a wine cellar with a capacity of 1,000 bottles, the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was.

The singer's life has changed dramatically in a few years. In 2007, after moving to London to study music, barely had enough money to pay the rent and went through a series of difficult seasons in which he was forced to sleep on the street or on the subway.

"There is an arch near Buckingham Palace that has a heating duct and spent there a couple of nights ... That was when I wrote the song 'Homeless' [Homeless] and the verses:" I'm not homeless tonight simply do not have a home tonight. 'Most of 2008 and 2009 did not have a place to live, but I managed, "Ed explains in the book" A Visual Journey'.