September 22, 2015

Selena Gomez Confirms Relationship with Charlie Puth

Many and many want the life of our beloved Selena Gomez (Twitter:selenagomez / Instagram:selenagomez). And, outside the professional success that has, on a personal level it is getting better about herself. Olé for it!

It always helps, of course, surround yourself with men of the moment and share great moments with them. And in recent months, Selena can claim to have had encounters with many of the most desirable men on the international scene.

The last? Through its own Twitter account we could see that one of his last appointment came with Charlie Puth (Twitter:charlieputh / Instagram:charlieputh), the young singer who is wiping out songs like 'Garvin Gaye' (you do not see how we sing in drafting Hapy FM!).

Selena shared a funny picture of them and wanted to send a very clear message before empezasen rumors, they are just friends! Friends and point clarified theme!

After so many years, Selena knows very well how these things work and is well aware that when I have an approach, however small, with someone you know, rumors of a relationship between the two will skyrocket!

So I wanted to settle this issue before everyone would start to spin to the relationship that bound both singers. It is clear, Selena was confirmed: two good friends.

Charlie shared this view in his Instagram account, sharing another photograph next to Selena, the truth is that they are really cute together! As friends, of course.

Of course, Selena is expert in having friendly relations with many of our favorite guys, and applaud from here! A man and a woman can be friends and she is showing.

It is, for example, a close friend of Niall Horan, whom he has seen on more than one occasion, just friends! The same is true, apparently, with Nick Jonas, despite all the rumors that have sprung up around them lately.

It is not the case, for example, Orlando Bloom, who himself kept a deeper relationship ... and that has probably ended.