October 7, 2015

Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather, holiday in Bora Bora

 Floyd Mayweather, recently retired from professional boxing, and the star of the world of song and idol of young, Justin Bieber, share vacation.

Both, both the boxer and the Canadian singer these days have coincided in Bora Bora. Friends have long shared these holidays in this paradise and also wanted to share their feelings with all his followers both Boxer and the singing star.

Both Floyd Mayweather, 38 years old, Justin Bieber, 21, have posted videos and pictures of your stay in Bora Bora. Also those who have shared their stay at this place have hung pictures of his stay with the two stars of both music and boxing.

They also had the opportunity to participate in a karaoke. The audience at the place where Justin Bieber and Mayweather spent the night, was very happy to enjoy a private concert. After that, Justin Bieber made an encore and sang the legendary song 'Let It Be'. It is not the first time Justin Bieber improvises in a public place to go for entertainment.

In addition, Floyd Mayweather, who not long ago traveled a million dollars in the portfolio, has written some lines in which, among other things, says that "money does not make me. I make money." Mayweather