October 7, 2015

Katy Perry brought her pop for fun to Palermo Hippodrome

"Boludo? What does 'idiot' mean?" Asks Katy Perry aloud and the audience bursts into shouts and laughter. John, the boy chosen by averaging the show to go on stage, laughing nervous after having taught something unholy to California. "Is that a bad word?" She asks and stresses accomplice: "Oh, no, do not say bo-mo-do". A week after the episode with the Brazilian fan that went around the world, the singer returns to encounter a "strange" situation. And, again, makes his favor.

Four years after its debut in Buenos Aires stages (opposite, in GEBA), Katy turns to structure their show based on a complex, dynamic and fragmented imagery, full of pop references and adolescents winks. Over an hour and a half recital there are five changes of clothes, lasers, glitter, a giant horse controlled by dancers, WhatsApp emojis floating in the air, several samplers ("Vogue" by Madonna to "Gin And Juice "Snoop Dogg) and even visual with kittens living the good life in Beverly Hills: Rodeo Drive, you and I, all the night.

Amid the strong and quick start, the hits follow one after another. "Roar" breaks the ice Hippodrome, immediately followed by "Part of Me" and "Wide Awake". Without much delay "E.T." add -the song that Kanye West- shares with a relaxed version of "Hot 'N Cold" and the classic "I Kissed A Girl" with rockers dyes and silicones dancers with false XXL. The glut of radio hits is such that Katy reduces "Last Friday Night" just seconds without generating false expectations among the public.

Unlike that first visit, this time there was time for an intimate block, with songs like "By The Grace Of God", inspired, she says, for the South American tour in 2011, and "The One That Got Away" with bass included. Minutes later, a techno megamix hits of the 80 breaks with the tenderness of the moment: the slow are part of the show, yes, but perspective.

The encore with "Firework" was the opportunity to play with goggles that were distributed at makeshift stadium revenue. The psychedelic image that returned the glasses (a reference to the title of his latest album, PRISM), seemed to be counter to the light structure of the songs of the Californian. It is, at some point, the same resource that plays "I Kissed A Girl," the hit that catapulted to worldwide success: the ATP daring, Overture without departing from the lane. Because unholy bad ... but we like it.