September 28, 2015

A model says she was drugged at a party for Justin Bieber

Scarlett Bailey said someone put something in his drink

Justin Bieber gets in trouble again, but this time he would not have been to blame for the strange situation that happened in one of his parties.

The model Scarlett Bailey, 18, was one of the guests to the studio where he was working in Melbourne and in turn celebrating the young singer, but had to retire early because he decompensation to have a drink.

As reported by TMZ, the model ordered a shot of vodka with lemon, but you think you got any drugs when I was distracted talking with friends because soon after taking it started to feel really bad.

Bailey became dizzy and put very blurry vision, then it started to mourn and it was Justin who sat beside him to try to calm her. But she was in such disrepair that it had to leave the place. They called the police and the girl reported that some of the party guests had drugged.

Although he chose not to speak to the media "for legal reasons", to be transferred to a hospital in Melbourne, the girl reportedly stated that someone put something in his drink.

Jimmy Wyatt, owner of the studio, said he was watching the security cameras and films that were made in the event and said the glass of Bailey "was visible" at all times and no one touched him. While Alex McDonnell, event organizer, said that for him the girl "was having a panic attack."