September 14, 2015

Beyonce and Jay Z, in trouble!

Singers, married since 2008 and have a daughter, have gone through hardships for more than a year ago, say friends of the couple.

The pairing of the interpreter of songs like 'Single ladies', Beyoncé Knowles and rapper Jay Z, it is not going well. It seems that the couple did not end the year together, because their separation rumors are getting stronger. According to Radar Online site, the R & B star is thinking very seriously about asking your partner divorce.

The altercation Solange, sister of singer, Jay Z in May 2014 could be the cause of separation. A source told the media that Beyoncé "is exhausted to maintain the illusion of happiness". Although the couple has denied rumors of separation, an insider told the Mirror to this portal is thinking Knowles' 'exit strategy'. Meanwhile, the tabloid In Touch says that another reason for the hypothetical assumptions would break rapper affairs. Meanwhile, the pair of musicians was seen vacationing in Europe with her daughter Blue Ivy and were seen aboard a luxury yacht off the Italian coast.

A year ago, the couple has lived in this uncertainty, with constant releases that announce an imminent break even until now have always been able to overcome their differences. As they do not hesitate to make it known either through photographs on their social networking accounts where they look happy or granting interviews some members of his family.

So it was just a year ago, when problems did think his friends that the marriage would end as finish the tour they made together in 2014. On that occasion, was the mother of the singer who stepped out and denied all information who walked circulating. "Well, enemies always gonna hate, there's nothing we can do with them," said Tina Knowles, after a team of TMZ addressed to the output of a restaurant in August last year. "Everything is perfect. I already did not even read the newspapers, "he said about the versions that divorce happen to start 2015.