September 9, 2015

Britney Spears is recording new video? And with Justin Timberlake?

The rumors were unleashed in the wake of some photos and twitter. Pop princess Britney Spears will have a new video with her ex Justin Timberlake? Heart attack.

The ability to see the prince and princess of pop in the same video for fans is like "Wow".

A well-known designer Nikki Lund call posted a picture on Instagram where had that was recording a video with Britney Spears. Fans, who are all noted that the photo has been removed from the account of the designer in minutes.

Later, the director Joseph Kahn, who has worked with Britney on many videos as Stronger, Toxic and Perfume.

If we join ends, it is that Britney Spears is recording a new video clip and "Featuring" will be Justin Timberlake?

I really do not know, but as Britney Spears says: "You'll Have to wait and see," (You have to wait and see)