September 7, 2015

Nick Jonas dedicated his new song Selena Gomez

 The singer misses her relationship with former Disney girl

Selena Gomez love to have more than one. And it is that Justin Bieber is not the only admirer. Apparently the singer and actor Nick Jonas could go on loving her.

Following the launch of her new song 'Area Code', rumors have only just begun. The fans say Nick refers to Selena because she still has feelings for her and is jealous of Bieber.

In the song you can be heard Nick Jonas' You say you've never been good for you. You can not deny that I'm good for you. "Clearly, the first love of Selena Gomez wants to win her heart and make it clear that it is "good for her."

Even Nick Gomez has mentioned in a tweet and she replied that want to spend more time with him.How strong Selenators! They say the first love is never forgotten and is truly marking. ¿Reconciliation sight?