September 7, 2015

Selena Gomez and Taylor Lautner together again Caught

Old loves are not forgotten, and it seems that in the case of Selena Gomez (Twitter:selenagomez) the list is extensive. The newest addition is the name of the actor and former 'Twilight' saga Taylor Lautner.

When the paparazzi are not miss a thing, which is that they have hunted out 'by chance' of the same restaurant the singer and actor. The 'wolf' Lautner came a little earlier than their more than probable dinner companion and evening to avoid suspicion.

Some years ago, Selena and Taylor Lautner were together and were of the sweetest couples panorama. Those days where Selena was still a 'Disney girl' and was off in his career. The chemistry between them, and older ones, seems to be alive!

According to different sources, the singer was having dinner "at another table with a different set of companions, while Lautner was with his friends." Apparently, Selena wanted to say hello and walked over to his table, but it sure was not only a simple touch of friendly greeting ... What else could happen?

The look of Selena certainly did not look like a casual and informal dining. She was elegant as only she knows, with a lovely black and tight asymmetrical dress caught in the arms and neck. For Lautner yes it was much more informal, an included cone hat that covered his head and a black sucks.

The singer will be learning more of its super stylish friend Taylor Swift outfits, appeared radiant and although the occasion was informal. We must be alert to possible further meetings with the actor ... or any old love!