September 30, 2015

The drunken fan of Katy Perry for not kissing her and put hand

Katy Perry climbed a fan on stage during his concert at the Rock in Rio in Brazil. I did not know the singer is that the choice had been drinking more than necessary and would not fail to kiss and hug and even got to touch his ass.

During his performance at the Rock in Rio de Brasi, Katy Perry chose a fan from the audience to come up with her on stage. Chosen, called Rayane, he pounced on the artist just inside the stage, something expected of any fan.

Katy Perry What was not expected is that Rayane not stop kissing her and manosearle whole body, as seen in a video circulating on the network. "I is kissing her neck," the singer while trying to separate from the fan with a fun attitude but surprised, adding "I think it will drunk."

Katy tried to distract Rayane asking how few words were said in Portuguese but the girl kept close and hug his idol, even when Katy became a selfie with her insistent fan again take her face and kiss it to repeat photo where you can see some discomfort in the singer, but was able to bring the situation with humor. In the video we can also see Katy Perry dismisses the young and this returns back to touch his ass before leaving the stage. To which Katy said again: "I think he's drunk."